Nyctobrya Maderensis

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Bestimmungshilfe / Schmetterlingsfamilien / Noctuidae (Eulenfalter) / Bryophilinae
EU Nyctobrya maderensis (BETHUNE-BAKER, 1891)

1-2, ♂: Portugal, Madeira, Estreito da Calheta, Quinta das Vinhas, 300 m, 7. Oktober 2010, Lichtfang (leg., fot. & det.: Egbert Friedrich) [Forum]



1-2, ♂: Portugal, Madeira, Daten siehe Etikett (coll. & Fotos: Egbert Friedrich)


BETHUNE-BAKER (1891: 205) [nach Copyright-freiem Scan auf]

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Nach derzeitiger Kenntnis (BEHOUNEK & SPEIDEL 2013) ist die Art als Endemit ganz auf Madeira beschränkt. FIBIGER et al. (2009) hatten noch gewarnt: "There is an ongoing revision of the populations from the Macaronesian Islands. The study of material from the Canary Islands resulted in the recognition of two distinct species on almost every island, which differ in small but consistent structures of the genitalia. However, considering the many different species groups of the Palaearctic Bryophilinae, it is perhaps necessary to be more confident before a decision is made publish all the taxa at species level. On the other hand, if these entirely allopatric populations are described as subspecies, it will appear inconsistent with the knowledge of the differences recognised in the subfamily. The unpublished studies by BOURSIN and those still unpublished by FIBIGER, listed with some in litteris species-names in the 'Fauna of Europe' project (for Noctuidae: FIBIGER & SKULE), will be published in due course."


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Bestimmungshilfe / Schmetterlingsfamilien / Noctuidae (Eulenfalter) / Bryophilinae
EU Nyctobrya maderensis (BETHUNE-BAKER, 1891) non-d-ch-a

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