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Bactra, discussion *Foto*

Hello Ilya.

Finally, thinking today on this problem, I've probably found the difference between B.lacteana/lancealana and robustana, if we can trust photos of B. robustana in the Internet. The dark region in the the top of the wing of B. lacteana/lancealana is well pronounced, while B. robustana has another shaped band at the costal edge. I've tried to show this on the image below, but probably it is all wiredrawn)
I think I see your point, at least what you mean. However, I checked it on the specimens on Lepiforum and BOLD Systems (in fact, from the latter only the „Published and Released Data“) and I have to say, I have big difficulties to use it correctly, as you can see on my collages.
I‘m sorry to say that in my honest opinion your characteristic is rather squishy.

Collage with Bactra lancealana.


Collage with Bactra robustana.


And there are no any marsh habitats in Lischnyagi, only some hygrophilous plants (including Scirpus sp.) in the river walley.
On our site ( http://www.lepiforum.de/lepiwiki.pl?Bactra_Robustana ) is given that Bactra robustana apparently needs salty habitats, because of its foodplant.
So when there is no biotope like this nearby…?

this "suspicions" are fully justified. Any gen. det. for this moth weren't performed.
But I don't sure in this determination, and this exemplar is marked with "?" in my photo-collection.
When this is the situation, then I don‘t understand why Andrey present it without any question mark.
If I (or anybody else) hadn‘t said a word, his picture would go straight into our BH, I suppose.
Any uncertainty should be pointed out, always!

Best regards

P.S.: By the way: even a dissection can not always separate both species, did you know?
( http://www.lepiforum.de/1_forum.pl?md=read;id=23175 )
They are so closely related that the genitalia variation seems to overlap sometimes.
With this in mind, I‘m asking myself even more, how you want to separate both based on a photo… ;)

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