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Forum 2: Alles außer Bestimmungsanfragen

New IrfanView *Foto*

Hi Everybody!
I assume that almost all of Us know that IrfanView is the best FREE image viewer.
But, now, IrfanV. is more than that!
My dearest friend, Irfan Skiljan, Autor of IrfanView, has added few Plugins/Filters,
which, virtually, transform this application into very powerful Photo Editor.
These are:

The most important one is SmartCurve, being the only one FREE Plugin/Filter to do
Auto Levels (Auto Contrast), and, even more important : White Balance !!!
With this Filter You can, also, increase or decrease the contrast of an image. Mighty One!

FineUSMSharpen Filter is even better than most of sharpeners, on NET.

AdaptiveHistogramEQ is a story for itself! This is what Mr. Russell (co-inventor of Photoshop) and Autor of this Filter, says
about this Filter.
"Histogram equalization attempts to evenly distribute values across an image’s histogram. Unlike a simple levels adjustment, equalization tends to increase contrast in low-contrast areas, while doing the opposite in high-contrast areas. Adaptive equalization samples the pixels in separate regions of the image and applies equalization locally."
I am photographing moths, which have very reflective tiny scales. Because of this high reflectance, most of very fine details are not seen.
This Filter magically restore the details, up to a point, as we wish.
The only drawback is that IrfanView does not have (He does not want to have !!!) free hand selection tool (lasso, magn. lasso, etc.)
so, the Filter is applied to whole image.
Mr. Irfan does not want to upgrade His application because He does not want to increase its size in MegaBits.
He is actually right (up to a point) because adding selection tool will require options for Layers, and it will increase a size of Application, a LOT.
He insist that IrfanView is primarily Viewer, not Editor. Shame.

Retinex Filter does this, according to Autor (Mr. Russell, again):
Retinex is best suited for rescuing underexposed or badly color balanced images, or for extracting detail for scientific or technical purposes. It is not always useful for enhancement of well-exposed naturalistic images. For this, histogram equalization, adaptive contrast, or high-radius unsharp masking may be superior.

With this improved version, One can edit images far better than in most free Editors, on NET.

If You already have IrfanView, delete it.
From His site, download and execute 32 Bit version.
Then, download and execute "Plugins". They will, automatically be positioned into proper folder, in IrfanView.

Now, few words to Administrators of this page.
Since i work with this Application for last few years, i am in position to make Tutorials for this Application,
in a form like the second image.
What i need is approval from Admins, to upload tutorial images, here, or
to put them on Google Drive, from where everybody can download them and keep them, on his/hers Comp.,
for reference.
Or, Admins may have some better solution.
It is up to You, now.

Best Regards, Zoran


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