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Forum 2: Alles außer Bestimmungsanfragen

Hilfe benötigt, bitte

I have about 17 Eudonia species, but being a difficult family, i am not sure that my ID is correct.
If anyone of You have time, will You, please, check my ID.
I shall appreciate it very much.
All images are on Google Drive, in "Eudonia" folder.
You can rename, if You are sure or You can simply delete the name (not image number), if You are
not sure. You may, even, send me a mail.
The link to Drive is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sV6z6OhWnmw6BT4q3PohyGbIUrnO-oTi?usp=sharing
Thank You very much, in advance!

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Hilfe benötigt, bitte
Re: Hilfe benötigt, bitte